Just things.

The world is a terrible place. And for all the lessons you ever learnt, you haven’t learned enough.


“Fashionably Late”

I haven’t blogged in about….6 months. Not that i have millions of people literally revolving their lives around my next update/post, but i just feel out of touch, so to speak.

I really like the idea of blogging. Although i almost never have an actual legitimate topic to write on, blogging is the ultimate writer’s paradise. Write about anything you want, in any language, no rules to follow, just whatever pops up in your brain. For example, right now, you’re reading all of my current thoughts. There’s no break in the flow of thoughts coming up and being typed out. This is literally just a rant. But you’re still reading it, if there even is a “you” that im addressing.


That was..well..unnecessary. But hey, like I said, no actual  subject matter/theme/topic.

Maybe I will the next time I blog. I will deliberate upon this, and come up with a solution.


PS- this picture. lol.


A┬áhint of yellow and red in the distance.


Picture composition picture.

 hint of yellow and red in the distance. Was the sun setting so early? But this hue was flickering now and then, and moving as well. I called out to my wife and told her to look.
As i did, i realised it was coming closer. What in the world could it be? We hoped it wasn’t danger.
A look of terror in my wife’s eyes told me it was.
I looked in the distance, but wait, it wasn’t distant anymore! It struck me. A fire –a forest fire!
I could hear the other animals cry in pain and in panic. My wife leaped over to the mango tree and then on to the banana tree, our home. I knew what she was doing, i had to do the same.
We awoke our children from their slumber, and explained to them what was happening. It didn’t occur to me that i had no idea of what we were going to do.
Our children were terrified. They didn’t want to die, that too so young. Their big teary eyes were filled with extreme sorrow.
“Calm down, litte ones” was all i could muster up the strength to say.

All we could do now was hope and pray.
In the midst of all this my son cried out, “Run! We need to run!”
We all turned around to see what he was pointing at, and at that particular moment i froze.
I couldn’t move at all. I could see the banana tree falling and bursting into flames. My wife pulled me out of my situation. We tore away at great speed. But the fire wasn’t too far behind.
It horrified me to shreds. Our only precious little home, was gone.
And now we were running for our lives, and quite literally too.
Who knew what was going to happen, all of us could be swallowed by the vicious flames any second now.

As it was, we had run too much. We could’n’t do anything but stop. Luckily for us, we were at quite a safe distance from the deadly fire. All of us caught our breaths first.
We were all thoroughly shocked and very disturbed as well.
Abruptly, my wife did something i knew we all needed. She pulled our children close and hugged them with all her love, tight as ever. The sadness in her eyes beckoned me on and i joined them.
That moment of emotional silence relived everything. What had happened and what was going to. I think all of us had the thought of death haunting our minds though. Hoping, just hoping for some miracle to take place (although we knew nothing could stop the fire now).

On the contrary, something incredible happened.
It began drizzling. Gradually, it started to pour. And finally, it was raining cats and dogs!
We couldn’t believe our luck! Our prayers to the “Great Monkey” had been answered!
One moment we were all hugging in distress and the next we had ceased hugging and were yearning to get drenched!
We wouldn’t have a place to live in for quite some time, but all that could be managed. Oh well.